Monday, November 27, 2006
mp3 rotation #46

Gomen the nasai for the long long hiatus! (/_  _)/  Exams and assignments finally over, so ya I now have time to update the rotation more often. ^^V

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Title: Interstate Love Song (live acoustic version)
Description: Scott Weiland is love. <3 More so in this toned down acoustic number... just listen to him croon as though begging to be taken home and be done things to. >____<  And we all love our interstate love song oh yes we do.

Artist: Rachael Yamagata
Title: I Wish You Love
Description: Taken off the Prime soundtrack - tis featured during the end credits of the movie. I loved everything about the movie, and have been at wits end searching everywhere for this song, before finally finding it on Ares. (/^ ^)/ Anyway here's to jazzy goodness - Yamagata's slightly husky voice gives this oldie a surreal, chill-out ambience.... not unlike a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee by the fireplace, on a cold and wet winter morn in NYC.

Artist: Stereophonics
Title: Maybe Tomorrow
Description: Melancholic love that is Kelly Jones and his boys. I got this off the Wicker Park OST (which btw is one hell of a wicked soundtrack, if indie/britrock is your sorta thing). And.... what else to say about it? It's Stereophonics, people. Listen and learn to appreciate, if you haven't already.

Artist: New Radicals
Title: Someday We'll Know
Description: Some old school goodness. Because I feel the need for labu-labu songs that don't grind on my nerves. I think tis one of the better love anthems in the last decade... given that it's been recycled over and over again (Mandy and Jon Foreman, yes?) for every rom-com/sob-fest movies.

Artist: Gwen Stefani
Title: Wind it Up
Description: Latest single from her upcoming album, The Sweet Escape (due for release in the US on Dec 5th). I reckon it's gonna be a 100% commercial sell-out - catchy beats, sampling from the goatherd song from Sound of Music ("one little girl with a pale pink coat, lay ooo la lay ooo la lay hee hoo"). And the Gwen stamp on it, of course.

Artist: The Killers
Title: Bones
Description: OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THE VID FOR THIS! >________<  A Tim Burton piece, so you can be sure of all the boney goodness from the man who sealed the legacy of Jack Skellington. :D And the melody for this song is really really nice - verse is everything Killers you can expect; but the chorus is so singalong it makes me wanna cry. T___T That's saying it's a good thing btw. A must-download in this week's rotation.

Artist: Incubus
Title: Oil and Water
Description: Also from their latest album, fresh off the racks, the newly-released 'Light Grenades'. ^^ I sound like a tv commercial why.

Artist: Mig Ayesa
Title: Baby I Love Your Way (ori artist: Peter Frampton)
Description: 2nd runner up for Rock Star: INXS - I never quite knew how he sounded like, cos I've only had songs and vids of Marty Casey and him alone. (- -") So yeah, during some random searches for mp3s I came across this dood, and his encore-worthy performance of this classic 80s number. It touches my heart and makes me wanna tear~ *crystal tears rolls down cheeks* Piano, strings and Mig-with-emotions-aplenty.

Artist: Andrea Bocelli & Katharine McPhee
Title: Can't Help Falling In Love
Description: Arguably, no one beats The King when singing this one - but... it's not too bad. I supposed. But I'd say that Bocelli's voice is too powerful and that it overshadows Kat's vocals. It's kinda like, trying to mix vinyl and digital music together - interesting, but not particularly groundbreaking awesome.

Artist: Brittany Murphy
TItle: Somebody to Love (ori artist: Queen)
Description: HAPPY FEET! HAPPY FEET! HAPPY FEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! Although I wonder if Fred Mercury would be rolling in his grave if known that his song has been turned into a heart song for.... penguins. Singing, animated ones.

Artist: Jay Chou
Title: Ju Hua Tai
Description: I love this song to bits, even though I have no idea what is he singing about. T.T Because the melody is simply so beautiful; and you don't need any comprehension of lyrics to fall in love with the oriental charms that makes this number. >___< Jay might have just outdone his previous efforts of traditional Chinese samplings.

Artist: unknown
Title: Treasured Love (Into Thin Air piano theme)
Description: If you have watched the TVB drama, Into Thin Air, this is the song played by that blind pianist whose Mum died and donated her cornea to him to restore his eyesight - the mum whom he never forgiven his whole life cos he thought she abandoned him and caused him to go blind, but actually she stayed by his side the whole time as an anonymous pen-pal, knowing that he hates her. DAMN SAD K??! I cried like fuck during the episode where he finally forgave his mum but it was too late cos she's already passed on. *sobs uncontrollably*

Artist: Jolin Tsai
Title: Wo Yao De Xuan Ze
Description: As requested by cupcake. Thanks for visiting. :) But yeah anyway I had wanted to post this up sometime soon - here you go. I need more good chinese songs, am rather deprived of them lately. =.= Feel free to spread the love to my mailbox thankiews.

Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Title: In Sa (Greeting)
Description: From Korean sob-fest 'Millionaire's First Love'. I haven't seen the movie, but reading the summary at the back cover of the DVD was bad enough. = =
Unless I wanna walk around with no eyes (because my naturally already-small eyes will swell and therefore disappear) for two days - dowan. Nice song though, I wouldn't thought I'll listen to DBSK - after all the mockings to their Chinese name. ><

Artist: Hyde
Title: Countdown
Description: Grunge lives, yeah. |m/  I've had this song forever, but have only rediscovered it recently, hm.

Artist: Acidman
Title: Ima Toumei Ka (album version)
Description: I've raved on plenty of times about how much I love the guy's voice right, yes? Sigh, why the split up. T.T Such a waste for such a good band. Ditto to STP. Ditto to Baroque. Ditto to................ hm well I was going to say Nirvana, but I supposed since Cobain pulled the trigger.... =/

Artist: Art-School
Title: Evil
Description: Heavier than their usual stuff, but super catchy eitherhoo. Especially the riffs and rhythm for the verses.

Artist: Takui
Title: Calling You
Description: For old times' sake. :) Haven't listened to this for a while, so thought I'll put it up for a bit.... for those of you who missed it the first round. Tis like one of my all-time fav jrock ballad, and it brings back so much memories just hearing it again.

Artist: Bonnie Pink
Title: Manatsu no Kajitsu
Description: Fans of old cantopop songs would recognize this tune. ^^ I love both this and the Cantonese version - cos duets score by my books anytime. Especially male-female-harmonizing sort. And it's acoustic!

**** m i s c e l l a n e o u s ****

Artist: Rudy and JJ ( Morning Crew)
Title: We're Not So Furious
Description: A local parody of Teriyaki Boyz' Tokyo Drift anthem. >____< Will only be hilarious if you understand the Malaysian lingo, ahohoho! Heck I think if you're Malaysian, living in Msia, you would have heard this at least once. But ah well.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006
mp3 rotation #4

Artist: Jay Chou
Title: Ye De Di Qi Zhang (Twilight's Chapter Seven)
Description: This song marks the return of Jay Chou numbers that we all know and larved (me, at least) - dark, dramatic, haunting and extremely beautiful. The opening strings and musicbox bit, raspy female vocals at the chorus, more violins throughout the song... yes he's back hoooooo~! Another cheer for melancholic songs, hooooo~!. I've always loved his fusion of rap and classical music, but this one beats them all hands and feet down.

Artist: Jay Chou
Title: Qian Li Zhi Wai (Faraway)
Description: The highly-acclaimed collaboration with Taiwanese veteran singer, Fei Yu Ching, whom by the way sounded every bit the classic Chinese crooner that I had pictured him out to be. For some reason though, Jay doesn't quite sound like himself in certain parts of the song; cos his voice appeared more high pitch and un-muffled - very much unlike himself. =.= But the song is really nice.... tis not an entirely new music concept for him, but I reckon a much polished version of his previous attempts.

Artist: Christina Aguilera
Title: I Got Trouble
Description: I never thought I'll say this, but Aguilera's latest album is... pretty good shit. The double disc? Pretty good shit. The first single off the album almost killed me, and the rest of the album completed the job. Think plenty of retro and vintage goodness - Aretha Franklin and Marilyn Monroe thrown into a big audio pot and spiced with everythin' 50's and 60's you can imagine. Pretty good shit, yes. Oh this track btw, is the one featured at the end of her "Ain't No Other Man" vid.

Artist: Teriyaki Boyz
Title: .....Fast and Furious?
Description: Yes I'm addicted to it. Go away.

Artist: Pink Floyd
Title: Wish You Were Here
Description: But to prove that I still have some dignity left, here's a Pink Floyd, bless my soul. I've posted countless covers of this up previously, but really nothing beats the superiority of the grand original. ^^ Ahh my emo song.

Artist: The Living End
Title: Prisoners of Society
Description: Avid Channel V watchers would probably recognize this song, as it was featured in one of the adverts, which I don't distinctively recall what was it supposed to be about, but it had a lot of people in an open field. A rock festival, I'm guessing. But yah anyway, tis a superfun and superhyper and supercracked song - go have some fun.

Title: Dive into Yourself
Description: I'm probably a billion years behind, but I've only recently discovered the joys of H&MC, and in fact by accident. If you fall under the same category as me - well, give this a shot. I don't think anyone would actually not like this song, unless of course if you only listen to slow and mellow stuff and nothing else but.

Artist: Suga Shikao
Title: Koko ni Iru Koto
Description: HONEY & CLOVER 2 INSERT TRACK. For non-anime peeps: very laidback, finger-snapping (quite literally in fact, if you listen carefully), chill-out, acoustic guitar by ocean breeze sort of song. And Shikao-san (Suga-san?)'s voice is just so ..... unbelievably smooth, for a guy.

Artist: Spitz
Title: Je T'Aime?
Description: ALSO A HONEY & CLOVER 2 INSERT TRACK. And ditto to everything else said above; except that this one is less finger-snapping, and more acoustic guitar + er hu (traditional Chinese strings instrument).

Artist: m-flo feat. TOKU DOUBLE
Title: Life is Beautiful
Description: We all need a bit of jazz in our lives, no? Of course we do.

Artist: Yoshika loves m-flo
Title: Let Go
Description: Everything about this song is beautiful - that's all I have to say. As of how I have a couple of 'must-download' tracks each rotation? Well this is one of them.

Artist: Everclear

Title: Heroin Girl
Description: Grunge lives. |m/

Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Title: The Middle
Description: Omg I've been searching for this song for years, AND I FINALLY FOUND YOU, YOU ELUSIVE JIMMY EAT WORLD, YOU. Gads I didn't even know it was a JEW track. =.= I heard it over radio many many years ago, and never got to finding out who sang it nor what the title was. Until about 2 hours ago, and I actually have the movie Zoom to thank for it. ^^ So something good did come out of that cheap flick after all, hoho.

Artist: Incubus ft. Big Pun
Title: Still Not A Player

Artist: Tackey and Tsubasa
Title: Ho! Summer
Description: Who would have thought there'll be a day that I'll listen to Tackey n Tsubasa, let alone post them up on my rotation....... =.= I think that just outcasted me from the jrock community for the rest of this lifetime, sigh. But it's a damn happee song, k? It's as summery as the track blatantly claims to be. And I miss my sun-sea-sand-and-boys beach vacation, so let me be. T.T

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Sunday, September 17, 2006
mp3 rotation #44

I'm suffering from Supernova withdrawal symptoms.... +____+ Regular rotation to be resumed after this round.


#01 Time After Time
Original Artist: Cyndi Lauper
Week 4

#02 Mother, Mother

Original Artist: Tracy Bonham
Week 9

#03 Roxanne
Original Artist: The Police
Finale week

Josh Logan
Original Artist: Sublime
Week 5

Lukas Rossi
#01 Bittersweet Symphony
Original Artist: The Verve
Finale week - results show

#02 Head Spin
Original track
Week 10 - encore

#03 Head Spin (acoustic)
Original track
Finale week

#01 Clocks
Original Artist: Coldplay
Week 5

#02 The Dolphins' Cry (rock version)
Original Artist: Live
Week 6 - encore

#03 Fire

Original Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Week 8 - elimination show

#04 Hush
Original Artist: Deep Purple
Finale week

Ryan Star
Losing My Religion
Original Artist: REM
Week 5

Storm Large
#01 Changes
Original Artist: David Bowie
Week 5

#02 Cryin'
Original Artist: Aerosmith
Week 8

#03 Helter Skelter
Original Artist: The Beatles
Week 9 - elimination show

#04 Lady-like
Original Track
Week 10

#05 Suffragette City (feat. Dave Navarro)
Original Artist: David Bowie
Week 10

#06 Wish You Were Here
Original Artist: Pink Floyd
Week 10 - elimination show

Toby Rand
01 Rebel Yell
Original Artist: Billy Idol
Week 9

#02 Throw It Away
Original Track
Week 10 - encore

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Thursday, August 31, 2006
mp3 rotation #43

A Rock Star: Supernova special this week.

I am terribly addicted to this show... granted that I hardly have time for television anymore, I make sure that I at least have 2 hours each week allocated to performance and elimination nights.

Tommy Lee rocks.

Magni is love.

Dilana should win.

But Ryan/Lukas probably will. T____T

And if Aussie boi Toby steps over everyone to snag frontman position of Supernova, I'll never watch Rock Star ever ever again. I know he's the most shaggable one among all the male contestants in the show (and when I mean contestants, that don't include T.Lee, whom we all know is the most delish one of them all~); more so after last 2 weeks' performances where he stripped off his shirt to show off those beautiful abs and gyrating with females from the audience respectively.

I mean, I do admit that he's hot. But that voice just won't do... no, really no. Magni and Dilana pull the meanest and most versatile vocals among them all; and Storm and Ryan both have good voices as well, albeit limited to certain ranges only. Lukas has enough character to make up (pun intentional, ha ha, 'makeup' - geddit?) for bad singing.... then again his voice is something of an acquired taste I reckon. =.=

Anyway here's some of my most favouritest performances to date. There are more actually, but I can't seem to find them on torrent networks. =/

Song: Lithium
Original artist: Nirvana
Description: Her debut performance - which introduced the world to this spunky woman with killer stage presence and extremely powerful vocals. Critics label her voice as a cross between Tina Turner and Janis Joplin so.. yeah go figure. Personally I think that any female who can pull a Nirvana scream-fest without snapping a vein definitely deserves top credits.

Song: My Generation
Original Artist: The Who
Description: ROCK AND ROLL GOODNESS, WOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! The song packed so much raw energy and it's something that you'll (at the very least) end up bopping your head and tapping your feet to. >___< And check out the killer bass solo too, aaaaaaaaaa!

Song: Plush
Original Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Description: From rock n roll to grunge, Magni totally rocked this song and sealed my eternal love for him immediately. <3 As also seen in the previous song, he has an awesome voice - and he had been praised endlessly by the Supernova bois week after week - which had him covering the high notes and screams with such ease and precision. I've never heard Magni miss a note, like ever. Ahh, I love sexy bald Icelanders.

Song: Let's Spend the Night Together
Original Artist: The Rolling Stones
Description: I really don't adore Lukas' voice that much - just can't get used to the swagger/sniding way of singing. But this song rocks anyway, and since he's a crowd favourite, so yah go kill it.

Song: Just What I Needed
Original Artist: The Cars
Description: I LOVE STORM BECAUSE SHE IS JUST SO NICE! (this is admist all the drama shit that has been going on recently =.=) And she's hot, and she's got a big personality, and she's strikes a wonderful balance of being honest and extremely self-confident at the same time. She can be elegant and demure in one episode, and totally provocative and wacky the next. And she's got a kickass voice too.

Song: In the Air Tonight
Original Artist: Phil Collins
Description: I didn't like Ryan initially cos I thought he tries too hard (and the facial hair killed it for me = =), but he's proven over time as the one contenstant who had improved drastically week after week. This song gives me the goosebumps, which is a good thing of course, as he delivered an originally pop number with a lot of mean rock energy, and backed by the orchestra which gave it that much more intensity.

Song: Cats in the Cradle
Original Artist: Cat Stevens
Description: Gave me even more goosebumps that Ryan did. ^^ Dilana's known for taking on ANY kinda songs at all (you guys remember her rendition of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time, don't you?) - and turning it into the week's most  memorable performance. The same goes for this one - it's such an emotional song, and she fueled it with that bit of extra Dilana-ism to make it an insanely beautiful one.

Song: We Are the Champions
Original Artist: Queen
Description: Arguably one of her best performances to date - she pulled off Fred Mercury's classic anthem with so much intensity and emotions that it really tugs at your heart and make wanna you sing along - which I did, but only because it's such a nice and relatively easy song to sing to, ha ha.

Song: The Dolphins Cry
Original Artist: Live
Description: THe week that Magni pulled the plug and did a solo acoustic version of Live's Dolphins Cry. AND IT WAS MAGNIFICENT ALRITE, shit! As was noted by Supernova, it was a risky move to ditch the house band during a performance, as logically, the band does helps a lot in giving more adrenaline shots to any songs at all. But Magni went ahead and, with his beautiful voice and honest, effortless stage presence alone, and gave the most.... amazing... performance. I had tears, I swear.

Song: Creep
Original Artist: Radiohead
Description: Hoho, the first time that anyone actually saw Lukas sang, for real. I prefered Magni and Marty (Casey, from Season 1) 's performances still, but this is not too bad as well. Especially when he pulled his voice to great lengths during the climax of the song - now THAT was impressive. No one had expected it outta him, seriously - you could see that everyone had this 'woah' look on their face when they heard it.

Toby Rand
Song: Layla
Original Artist: Eric Clapton
Description: When Toby suddenly seemed hotter, because he took off his top... and yah he did a great job in rearranging this song, etc.. His voice still sucks, but the song is really good. Somehow I see Toby with more potential fronting an alternative or punk rock band rather than Supernova - cos he doesn't have enough to hold a stage in front of Tommy Lee. So he has an awesome bod - so what? Tommy has an awesome (and substantially big) everything else.

Song: Back of Your Car
Original number
Description: Now this was a turning point for me, when I started getting more impressed with Ryan. He has great talents for song-writing, as proven by this song. Supernova and Dave Navarro love him. All my friends love him too. ..... you know at this point i think he might actually stand a chance of winning, if they wanna keep him for his musical talents.

Song: Every Breath You Take
Original Artist: The Police
Description: As I mentioned earlier, Dilana has no problems dealing with the strangest of song selections - so I wasn't worried when I saw her picking a Police number. And if you noticed, whenever she sings a slow/pop piece, her dressing kicks up by about 10 notches. Talk about professional stage management.

And here's a bit of reminiscing the past with Marty Casey; runner-up of Rock Star: INXS last year. :D He was my favourite from the start, all the way till he lost out to bastard JD in fronting INXS, buu. T__T

Song: Trees (acoustic version, featuring Dave Navarro)
Original number
Description: It'll be you and me up in the trees, and the forest will give us the answer. It'll you and I up in the sky, it's a combination for disaster. It's so singalong that it should be banned. >___<

Song: Wish You Were Here
Original Artist: Pink Floyd
Description: Among his many many many great performances (like say, every week without miss), I like this one best. Because it still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it, and yes that's how I judge how good a song is. It's everything and more - honesty, passion, inspiration, larger-than-life persona. It describes everything that Marty Casey is, and everything that he lives for.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006
mp3 rotation #42

Artist: F.I.R
Title: 1234567
Description: Taken off their latest album - Flight Tribe. So far no distinctively outstanding song, except for this one which is just so..... insanely happy. In a jazzy, big-band, salsa sorta way (think plenty of keyboard, saxophone, and crack). *bounces around* Oh and do look out for Ian's keyboard solo around the 2:44 minute. ^^

Artist: Jolin Tsai
Title: Tian Kong
Description: I don't know why I keep posting her songs up week after week, despite continuously asserting my dislike for the woman. =.= It's good mellow Chinese pop stuff ler; good for roping in visitors to the site I reckon. :D

Artist: TANK
Title: Gei Wo Ni De Ai
Description: I think tis one of the karaoked-to-death songs as well.

Artist: Quruli x RIP SLYME
Title: Juice
Description: Waaaaaaa why didn't anyone think of this ingenious collaboration before! >.< Quruli being the funky, laidback, instrument-backed piece that they are; and the Rippers being the funky, laidback, harmonizing/rapping bois. And the result

Artist: m-flo loves Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei
Title: Summer Time Love
Description: Every bit as summer-y as the title goes. ^^ Gives mental images of pina colada with tiny umbrellas, bright prints beach shorts and gleaming male abs bathed in sunlight and sea breeze. Sigh.

Artist: Dir en Grey
Title: Ryojoku no Ame
Description: TEH BOYS ARE BACK, WAHAHAHAHAHA! And when I mean back, I mean returning with their music sense - which had been on hiatus, given their past couple of loud, thrashy, scream-fest singles. (- -") I still think their Kisou and Macabre albums were their best works, then it kinda went downhill from there.... although there were a few good songs along the way. Had almost given up on them until this one came along.... and suddenly there's hope for the band again. T.T Dark, haunting melody, thrifty use of powerchords and effects, and Kyo doesn't scream throughout the whole song - but when he does, it's apparent he hasn't lost it. Ahh welcome back Kaoru-tachi. >.< !!

Artist: Dir en Grey
Title: The Final (live)
Description: One of my all-time favs - the one that sucked me into the whole Diru warp in the first place. ._. This one of the side-b tracks of the single btw, and.... well what can I say, who doesn't know this track really. I personally prefer the album version though. But, likewise with all their live tracks, this one has greater emotional intensity... courtesy of Kyo-chan, needless to say.

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Title: Plush
Description: Yeeeehh, and we be back to old skool grunge! (/>___<)/ I got hooked on this song after watching one of the contestants of Rockstar:Supernova (Magni, the bald and deliciously smexy Icelander) delivering a kickass performance of it during Week 3. STP is larve, oh.

Artist: Muse
Title: Supermassive Black Hole
Description: But then Muse pops up and beats everyone hands down, HOHO. Fckin fckin stupendously outrageously killer song. I'm speechless, really - just download it, you have HAAAAVE to.

Artist: Muse
Title: Soldier's Poem
Description: And in honour of Matt Bellamy the Gifted, here's a winding down number - also taken from the same album - to highlight his versatility in songwriting and singing and merely existing in this world. For some reason though, this song reminds me of some famous Elvis track. Strange indeed.

Artist: Live
Title: I Alone
Description: I'm in my old school rock revival phase, so there. ha ha.

Artist: Incubus
Title: Talk Show on Mute
Description: Because I only finished downloading this album about half hour ago, and I fell in love Brandon Boyd all over again after watching their Live in Red Rocks gig a couple of days ago. ^^V Not that I've ever been out of love with him, of course - but you know, a renewed and deeper emotional bond (I believe they call it lust in certain countries).

Artist: Orson
Title: No Tomorrow
Description: I've been hunting all over for this song, until I finally found out who the band was about a week ago hur hur. Absolute Larve - it's like a combination of Better Than Ezra and Bodyrockers, on plenty of crack.

Artist: Jamiroquai
Title: (Don't) Give Hate a Chance
Description: SO MUCH FUNK, OH! SO MUCH DISCO IN MOTION, OH! SO MUCH JAY-KAY ATTITUDE OOZING FROM THIS ONE, OH! Only Jamiroquai can pull off so much gawdy synths with such class.

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